These are times of horror and violence against basic human values. Achievements of struggles of humans have been pushed back centuries. Technology has allowed humans to become slaves of the system as notion of working hours vanish and discourses on merit, quality and efficiency hegemonise the world of work. Inequality, deprivation, pauperisation and precarisation have become hallmark of these times. These are also the times when capitalism is finding it difficult to get over recession as it seems to have become a permanent fixture of the system mocking at the post-World War ideologues who swore by the prosperity and idealness of the capitalist order. However, despite this one finds weakening of organised resistance on lines of what societies experienced post-industrial revolution – collective actions against the very system that gave rise to these issues. Fragmented and short-lived voices of opposition have been challenging the capitalist order but not like the strong wind threatening to obliterate its existence. Newer forms of resistances, new discourses around how to organise and resist and how to make sense of the new processes of production and forms of exploitation have also emerged. The traditional Left has been confronted with questions on culture, identity, democracy and creation of alternative frameworks to capitalism.

What does one do in these circumstances has, if on one hand, become difficult to figure then on the other hand, the possible quietude also threatens to suck us into the whirlpool created by the order. It is important that one does not sit back waiting for something to happen but begins to make sense of the world around because that itself become dissenting. It is equally important to explore how the new forms of exploitation and appropriation make us instruments of self-exploitation and oppression. In a situation where rampant take-over of the public by the private takes place why do we still go to the same forces seeking alleviation from our worsening conditions? The outspoken, violent and tyrannical form of current stage of capitalism is unprecedented in many forms and unless one creates a forum which not only shows how all this works but also engages with the different discourses of resistance to capitalism a path to get out of this whirlpool cannot be created. It has to be a forum which has a non-sectarian approach in engagement.

A group of people have been engaged in this act of exploration for some time – an act which has created an impression of being disparate, directionless and ineffective. However, we still feel the need to create a platform where this exploration shall continue. It has led us to engage in efforts to understand and analyse as well as work towards possible alternatives to the existing order of things. So, for instance, we have asked ourselves whether it is possible to have a Marxian notion of ‘justice’, ‘democracy’ and ‘participation’ or how the organisational Left would take these ideas and create an image of an alternative order. Why have we not seen an alternative notion of pedagogy that would strike at the weakest link of capital – the process of creating the labour power itself?

Realising that in order to answer some of these questions it is important to comprehend the world around us – the way capitalism has created a process and a host of complex machinations to sustain and flourish its basic goals. Importantly enough it needs to be mentioned that in an age where the radicals call themselves post-ideological this is as much an ideological-theoretical exercise as an act of intervention. With an aim to develop this understanding, the Summer School on Marxism has been organised so that participants could get an opportunity to engage with this theoretical domain. The conferences on impacts of neoliberal capitalism on education and the possibilities of alternatives tried to enmesh a particular dimension of social-cultural life within the larger political-economic phenomenon of capitalist societies. Seeking to further the effort was the endeavor to see how the idea of social justice has been addressed within the realm of education so that one could also imagine how it can be addressed if need be from a working class perspective. These interconnected events have paved way for conceptualizing an alternative imagination of what we think and how we think. It is pedagogical, it is political and so is it grounded in the social and cultural contexts of our existence.

Grounded in a context, which is creating a unilinear world-view by discounting possibilities of alternative imaginations by telling us what to hope and how to hope it is important to imagine the alternative. It is important to ‘daydream’ in words of Ernst Bloch. Thus, emerged the idea of Insurgent Scripts. It is meant to script this engagement with the changing processes of our existence and our locale within the system. This engagement has to happen within the theoretical framework of Marxism, which is ever-evolving and which continues to be the most powerful theoretical tool to understand how capitalism works and why it works the way it works; this website is aimed at bringing out in open the hidden realities of world surrounding us; it is to ensure that possibilities of thinking beyond the given is kept alive. In a situation where to think is crime it is a statement that concurs with Ernst Bloch that “thinking means venturing beyond”.

Insurgent Scripts as a website aims at learning through a process of mutual dialogue the stark realities of life that exist today. It intends to create a space where the diverse voices within Marxism are ready for an exchange of ideas. Keeping this in mind it operates at different levels:

It has a section called Commentary which would bring views and opinions on the recent developments in society, economy and politics together at one place. The aim shall be to bring forward those kinds of opinions which impact/facilitate our understanding of the world around us from a Critical/Marxist perspective. Hence, it becomes an important resource for social movements.

We are also open to suggestions concerning the form and content of the website/effort.

Submissions are welcome at insurgentscripts@gmail.com